James Elden's Playwright's Spotlight

Repertory, Residencies, and the Benefits of Previews - Playwright's Spotlight with Sunny Drake

March 21, 2023 James Elden/Sunny Drake Season 2 Episode 11
James Elden's Playwright's Spotlight
Repertory, Residencies, and the Benefits of Previews - Playwright's Spotlight with Sunny Drake
Show Notes

Australian born and Canadian artist, Sunny Drake, stops by Playwright's Spotlight. In this episode, we discuss developing the artist within and how to grow as a playwright without formal training, how much involvement the playwright has at a table reading, the benefits of previews, rehearsing in repertory theatre and how to submit as well as breaking down and submitting to residencies. Within the latter, we talk about "good" vs "bad" retreats, matching your work to appropriate residencies in addition to building a case as to why one's work may be more appropriate that the contrary. We also discuss the genre of the radio play, absurdity in playwriting, teaching yourself growth, and the role of humility when it comes to criticism. Sunny is a charming playwright who brings a lot of new information to the Playwright's Spotlight and provides wonderful resources for playwrights of all levels.

Sunny Drake is a playwright, theatre creator, performer, and producer. His works have been translated into four languages and presented in over 60 cities across the world for a wide range of audiences. He was the first general manager of Propel Youth Arts (a youth arts development and advocacy group in Western Australia). Currently he is the Emerging Creators Unit director with, which is the world’s largest and longest running queer theater. Sunny was commissioned by the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres, Playwrights Guild of Canada and ATFC to write the 2019 World Theatre Day message for Canada. He was awarded the inaugural Johanna Metcalf Performing Arts Prize 2019 for having a significant impact on performing arts in Ontario, and was a finalist for the K. M. Hunter Theatre Award in 2018. He was awarded the Playwrights Guild of Canada national comedy award in 2021 for Every Little Nookie, which had its world premiere at the Stratford Festival in 2022. His comedy Men Express Their Feelings was described by the Calgary Herald as an "instant Canadian classic" in 2020.

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